Month: May 2014

Hylton the politician

Daily Mirror, February 1954

Daily Mirror, February 1954

I’ve spent another long day in Lancaster today, mostly researching the book, but also having meetings about the concert, which is coming along nicely. It’s a few weeks away from being ‘official’ and quite a long way off having received funding, but it’s all happening and everyone is on board and agreeing with everything. I can’t wait to be able to tell you that tickets are on sale and a publisher has been found. Neither of those exist at the moment!

My hours in the archive were spent (for no particular reason) in the first half of the 1950’s and turned up loads of really interesting stuff for the book. It’s fairly well known that for a time Hylton was thinking of standing as a Labour MP for Bolton, but this article gives this in Hylton’s own words. It’s fascinating! It’s also only a few pages later in the press cuttings book that reports filter through that he’s not going to stand anymore because he’s too busy with all his shows!

Plenty of other stuff is being held back of course – no point me telling you everything about Hylton – I want you to buy the book! Click on the image to see a larger version.


Arrangements and Transcriptions

A sneak peak at one of the arrangements from the archive which I'll be using for the concert.

A sneak peak at one of the arrangements from the archive which I’ll be using for the concert.

Not much to add today, other than that the lovely people at the Jack Hylton Archive at Lancaster University have begun to scan in the scores which I need to start transcribing for the band to play at our big concert in January. It’s a mammoth job for them and for me, so we have to start very early.

Some of the material will be useable as it is, just copied and reprinted, but much of it will need to be digitised by me and re-arranged for the new ensemble size, or added to where we don’t have complete copies. It’s amazing that given how much material is in the archive, quite how much stuff I want ISN’T there. Of the three thousand or so arrangements in the archive, there’s probably as much again which isn’t there.

Shame. For me…!

A Visit To Mr. Hylton

Hylton CD

An idea for the cover of the CD, which doesn’t exist yet!

No, not that one, I mean his son, or Jack Junior as we shall call him, though as he himself says, at 68 years old, the “Junior” is a little misleading!

Jack is a fundamental part of this whole project and I couldn’t do it without him. I’ve spent the last couple of days ‘down south’ working through some ideas regarding not only the concert, but also the book and the accompanying CD. We think we’ve nailed down a few important early ideas, which is great news.

The concert will be billed as “The Band That Jack Built: The Jack Hylton 50th Anniversary Concert”, which is better than the previous idea I had. The book will have a boring title and the CD will probably look something like the picture above. It’s quite exciting because it’s a picture of a CD which simply doesn’t exist at the moment. Of course that’s the nature of this whole project at this early stage! ┬áIn due course we’ll start to get all of this stuff signed off, but in the meantime, it’s all just talking and being excited and confused in equal measure. (more…)

A Visit To The Archive

Well today I started work on the repertoire for the concert. This involved consulting my list (and Jack Jnr’s list) of possible material I’d like us to perform, then head towards this rather daunting bit of shelving, which contains all the band arrangements within the Jack Hylton Archive at Lancaster University:


and trying to find the associated folder of material. At this point I look through the folder and see whether there’s a complete set of parts, a score, or both and whether the arrangement inside is actually the arrangement I want to use, or something completely different. (more…)