A Visit To The Archive

Well today I started work on the repertoire for the concert. This involved consulting my list (and Jack Jnr’s list) of possible material I’d like us to perform, then head towards this rather daunting bit of shelving, which contains all the band arrangements within the Jack Hylton Archive at Lancaster University:


and trying to find the associated folder of material. At this point I look through the folder and see whether there’s a complete set of parts, a score, or both and whether the arrangement inside is actually the arrangement I want to use, or something completely different. To be perfectly honest, this process has fried my brain a little bit. I’ve found some great things for the show (including some lovely concert arrangements which were never recorded) but also have failed to find some really interesting things which I’d thought would be key to the whole evening. This leaves me either to manage without them, or transcribe them from the original recordings, which I very well may not have time to do. Of course there were some things I was looking for which didn’t get recorded so we definitely won’t be able to use those! So for now I have a list of pieces which I’ll be asking the archivists to scan and send to me and I can start work on the process of computerising the arrangements, ready to send them to the band. This is a mammoth job, but the sooner I get cracking the better. So that’s what happened today. I also perused the press cuttings books with an eye to my next visit there, to work on fleshing out the book, but that’s a post for another day. In the meantime, here’s another little picture from today, of a long medley which I was very keen to find. This will probably be the climax of the show. Exciting!


I’ll be back in the archive in a week or so but will almost certainly have something more to report before then.


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