A Visit To Mr. Hylton

Hylton CD

An idea for the cover of the CD, which doesn’t exist yet!

No, not that one, I mean his son, or Jack Junior as we shall call him, though as he himself says, at 68 years old, the “Junior” is a little misleading!

Jack is a fundamental part of this whole project and I couldn’t do it without him. I’ve spent the last couple of days ‘down south’ working through some ideas regarding not only the concert, but also the book and the accompanying CD. We think we’ve nailed down a few important early ideas, which is great news.

The concert will be billed as “The Band That Jack Built: The Jack Hylton 50th Anniversary Concert”, which is better than the previous idea I had. The book will have a boring title and the CD will probably look something like the picture above. It’s quite exciting because it’s a picture of a CD which simply doesn’t exist at the moment. Of course that’s the nature of this whole project at this early stage!  In due course we’ll start to get all of this stuff signed off, but in the meantime, it’s all just talking and being excited and confused in equal measure.

So, we’ve made big strides towards what material will be in the concert and there’s a real exciting look to it at the moment – concert arrangements which are hardly ever heard and haven’t been played for many decades; some great arrangements which are different to the recorded versions; some interesting things which Jack particularly liked; some classical pieces the band put into their shows in the 30’s; all sorts of great stuff, and definitely not quite what you’d expect.

So there we go. Another day when my head is battered with Hylton tunes, papers, biographical details and ideas.


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