October Update

Is it really a month since I’ve updated this? That’s not good and I apologise, but to be honest I’ve been working really hard. When I get a moment I’ll be posting around fifteen new scores which I’ve been working on, and also re-jigging the page to make it more friendly.

Things have rather been scuppered by the burglars taking my laptop, which has meant I’m learning to do this sort of thing on my iPad. Apologies for typos!

In the meantime, things are coming along nicely with the concert. The band is booked, singers are booked, special guests are booked and plans are afoot for book launch, exhibition, pre-concert talk, video, recordings, all sorts of things which will all hopefully come together over the next couple of months. There’s also lots of new recordings which I’d love to share with you, as well as a few curiosities with the arrangements, with sections which are or aren’t on the original recordings. All exciting stuff (if you’re nerdy like me!)

So there. I’m off to put in an insurance claim for my laptop and hopefully there’ll be more updates soon, as soon as I can work out how to edit the official website on my iPad!


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