Cheek To Cheek


Well, amongst the never ending score writing which seems to be burdening my life at the moment, today I’ve come up with a real treasure.

It’s a version of “Cheek To Cheek” which the band never recorded. All seemed normal until I realised that the vocal part of the song had no instrumentation and included a vocal in seven parts! This is a real rarity. I’m not aware of any other arrangements in the archive within which all the instruments stop and singing starts in quite so many parts.

It is, of course, quite hard to imagine how it would sound played by the full size band and that many singers. So, if anyone fancies working on it and recording it, we’ll publicise it and stick it on the website.

There we go. That’s all I’ve got to say. The picture above might go some way to helping you understand how hard it is to make the old scores into new all singing all dancing computerised scores. That is, suffice to say, a little bit hard to read!

Better go, lots of sellotaping to do!

To see the newly made files, click here:

To buy tickets for the upcoming concert, click here:


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