What happens now?

RKPL Hylton DVDBook Inside RGB

Well, dear reader, that’s about that really.

This blog was set up to chart the progress of the 50th anniversary concert, and it did just that. It’s several months since that concert happened and great as it was, there’s no need for me to update things on here.

I’ve begun to find that I’m updating the main Hylton site www.jackhylton.com and this site at the same time and that seems silly. From now all, all updates will revert back to the Latest News page on the Hylton website and this site will no longer be updated.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported this site over the last year or so. What a blast it’s been! The sheet music project carries on apace and there’s been a massive update on the Sheet Music page of the website too. There’s now over fifty arrangements there, most with another version scored for modern big band. It’s a massive resource already and will carry on growing over the next few months.

If you want to get in touch, or find out anything more, just visit www.jackhylton.com.



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