Chris Osborn

Interview for Lancaster University TV

Well, I did a little interview last week for the Lancaster University TV station, which the interviewer Chris Osborn has just sent me. I can’t quite bear to watch it today, but it should give you a little insight into what I’m thinking and what I’m hoping to achieve by all this work I’ve been doing recently.

Sorry I look so rough, it was a last minute to grab an opportunity and record it whilst I was busy doing other things!



Sheet Music Project

darktownstrutters ball001

So, I’ve decided (with the help of Chris Osborn at Lancaster University) to start a very slow and very long term project of making available the scores from the Jack Hylton archive, in computerised form, which are downloadable in PDF format, nice and clear and for your use.

Not sure where this will take me, but the plan is to score them for dance band and modern big band. Also not sure how long it’ll take, I’m kind of busy, but the plan is sound I think. I’ve started with a great number from 1938, “Ya Got Something There”, which you can see on the Hylton website, here:

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this. Would love to eventually hear stories of people using this material for their own concerts. Wish me luck!