iTunes album pre-order

Available now to pre-order on iTunes, and available on CD very soon...

Available now to pre-order on iTunes, and available on CD very soon…

Well, this is exciting. The new Jack Hylton compilation album which I’ve put together is now available to pre-order on iTunes. Just click here to see it:

You can get it at a reduced price right now, with a couple of tracks available for instant download. The rest of the album will download on the release date of January 29th. Nifty, huh?

Of course, the CD version of the album (which, to be honest, I’d prefer you to buy) will be available for the first time at the concert on January 29th, then on thereafter.

I’ve put together the album myself and it’s my choice of tracks which are both a good representation of Hylton’s career, but also a decent listen. There’s a couple of things on there you’ve probably not heard before and quite a few things which aren’t available elsewhere on CD. So that should hopefully be incentive enough for you to buy! The CD will be priced at £5.99, which I think is reasonable, and in line with many other similar products. It’s also considerably cheaper than many!

Right, that’s enough hard sell for one day. I suspect I’ll mention it again on here once I’ve received the CDs from the pressing plant and they’re on sale.