A Little Update


Well, folks, as I alluded to in my last post, sometimes life is more important than the internet and that’s the way things have panned out for me over the last few weeks. I won’t bore you with the details, but I’m back onto thinking about matters Hyltonian. Just as well, really, given how soon the concert is.

So, whilst all that is going on, I’ve been commissioned to transcribe another load of arrangements for Lancaster University Music Society, and the deadline has rather crept up on me.

This week has been spent working on a different style of arrangement and it’s thrown up a few interesting things. The picture above is of an arrangement of “The Man I Love”, which, it transpires, was never recorded by the band. It’s clearly been used, so I assume it was used for some concerts. We don’t have a date, or very much information at all, other than the fact it was arranged by Leighton Lucas.

So, shortly I’ll be uploading the score and the parts to the Hylton website for all to see, download and play. For free. Yes, I know, my generosity knows few bounds, but my book will be expensive, so it’s some kind of payback!

Meanwhile, plans for the concert continue apace, the books have been delivered and the new Hylton compilation CD is at the pressing plant and will be made available at the same time as the book. So, after the concert, the books and CDs will be made available for sale from the website and rest assured, I’ll be telling you all about it over and over until you buy them all and I sell out! Of course, doing all of this is crippling me financially, but hey, it’s been really great fun!

Anyway, soon there’ll be a dozen new arrangements on the website, that’s essentially what I’m telling you today.

More concert news in a few days!


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